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Singapore 238841
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Facilities & Equipment  

Our neat and cosy ambience is equipped with facilities and clinical equipment to serve our patients.

Our waiting reception is equiped with 2 DVD players that are tailored to suit every patient from the little one to the elderly as we have a large collection of cartoons, as well as classics. Your comfort is our priority!


Digital Radiography

Digital radiography and imaging-Premiun German technology is employed to allow pateint instant viewing of X-rays that are taken.  

On top of this, Nikon digital imaging capabilities in the clinic to allow us to capture images of  each patient!.  A special intra-oral camera is also installed to allow patient to view their teeth from different angles.

Computerised patient records and recall system

In 2003, we have upgraded all our records and appointment books to be done wirelessly via the internet..This is backed up by the latest computers in all the rooms of our surgery which are wirelessly linked up by high speed broadband.  In addition, the security of these private information are protected by anti-virus systems.

Up-to-date Clinical Equipment

Clinically, we believe that clinical equipment is important in achieving the results that we want. In our surgery, we have 2 air polishers just to clean teeth! We choose top of the range drills, materials for our patients to ensure maximum comfort, and aesthetics. 

Lastly, we are also continually upgrading ourselves in the lastest developments in the dental field so that we can provide our patients with the quality care.